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I was born and raised around the Chicago, Il area. During my pre University years I moved around a lot between Istanbul and Chicago and within the Chicago area. In total I went to seven different schools from K to 12th grade. As an adult I became a "trailing spouse" and have moved six times in 20  years. This is my third move to Geneva and we are hoping our last for awhile. I have two adolescent boys. I believe I have the experience and empathy of expat life due to my past and present. I am experienced in the struggles of moving and starting a new school as a child and as the parent of a child. I know the realities of settling into a new city, country or continent away from family, friends, home . . . 


I have a MA degree in Psychology Counselling from Webster University, Geneva.  At the moment, I share a small practice with a couple of therapists in Mies, Vaud which is just outside the canton of Geneva near Versoix. With our different areas of expertise we hope to be there for the English and Turkish speaking community around the Lac Leman region.

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