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I believe that everyone at any age can go through rough periods in their lives. This is a natural process of life.  What is important is being able to reach out and discuss these issues with a non-judgemental professional. I am a big believer in closure when it comes to various chapters in our lives; this is why I believe in looking to the future and discovering encouraging moments from our past and from our mistakes in order to take the next step forward. Thinking positive may also allow us to uncover techniques in our recovery from depression, trauma and other life altering changes.


With each client we will set a goal that is important for you. Setting goals may help in facilitating behavioural change,  improving and maintaining healthy relationships, enhancing coping skills (building resilience), promoting decision making to your full potential, and personal development.


At the moment, I share a small practice with a couple of other therapists in Mies, Vaud which is just outside the canton of Geneva near Versoix. With our different areas of expertise we hope to be there for the English and Turkish speaking community around Lac Leman.


I am experienced in working with adolescents and adults. I have worked extensively with expat family members or individuals who are struggling with depression, low self-esteem, life changes.


You can reach me on my mobile or by email or by simply sending me a message below.


Esra Yagiz

Tel: 079 933 4310


Address: 3, Route St. Cergue

Mies, VD  1295


If you are unable to easily reach my counselling office in Mies, I am available to Skype.
Please contact me for further information on Skype counselling.



I am U.S-Turkish citizen having lived in many cultures

I was born and raised in Chicago having moved several times as a child. I consider my self a happy third culture kid and now a proud third culture adult. During my pre-university years I moved mostly between Istanbul and Chicago. I went to 7 different schools from K to 12th grade.

As an adult we became an "expat family" and have moved six times in 22 years having lived in Europe,North America and Asia. This is my third move to Geneva in 18 years. We are happily settled here for the foreseeable future.

I am the proud mother of two young adult men and one labrador retriever.


As a seasoned expat, I feel my own experience can aid others in their trials and tribulations that may arise from moving and other life changes. I can empathize with the adolescents changing schools, leaving friends and  at the same time I can understand the parental difficulties in worrying about their children while coping themselves in a new environment whilst trying to manage friends and family back home.


I am mother tongue in English and Turkish.


I have a BSc in Communication and Psychology from Illinois State University

I have a MA degree in Psychology Counselling from Webster University, Geneva.

I have specialised in CBT(Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Positive Psychology. I have certifications for developing Resilience Skills and Existential Therapy. I have received CPD tuition for working with gender identity and diversity. 

I am an active member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the American Counseling Association (ACA). 

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